Why do I need domain name?

Why A Domain?

Because of the technological and information explosion, your online business on the World Wide Web is the prospective clients’ primary source of information outlet about your business. Your website provides visual and conceptual snapshots of your company and provides insight into the nature and professional abilities of your business. Although programming and design are central to a fully-functional website, without a proper and catchy domain name your business will suffer. This is because the notion of a catchy and proper domain name is linked to the concept of branding. Brand names become synonymous with particular notions that the customer may feel towards your company and your name must be geared towards crystallizing a clear and good perception of your company.

It must feature a couple of things like:

√ Must be Catchy and if possible must contain your targeted keyword. Your domain name must be relatively short.

√ Must not be a name that can get confused for another company. Your domain name must be easy to remember. Your domain name must be and sound professional

√ Persian Web Design will help you in this endeavor if you do not have a domain name, we will sit down with you, make a short-list of the names that are most suitable for your e-business and go through the cons and pros of having what name.

√ Though this can sound like a rigorous process, a proper domain name is vital and imperative for your company, as the domain name is the key for any potential customer to view your company outlet on the net. Such important details should not be left unnoticed, and Persian Web Design will make sure that the important details are taken care of promptly and precisely!