Why do I need a website?

Why A Website?

√ Because it increases your coverage and visibility by being a player in the grandest digital supermarket in the world, the Internet

√ Having a professional website cuts your marketing and advertising costs by 1500%, according to the latest Time Magazine, because nowadays people are trying earnestly to ignore all forms of unwanted advertising such as Newspapers, TVs etc. while the Internet lets you control what you want to view and buy

√ By not having a website in this current day and age for your business, you’ve automatically disadvantaged your business and puts your business in a lowly position.

√ A pleasantly programmed and designed site brings profitability to your business

√ By increasing traffic flow to your website, your chance at gaining customers increases exponentially

Why would a visitor come to my website?

√ Visitors are the most precious assets to an e-business, and our primary goal is to maximize your web coverage and traffic to your online store.

√ There are different stages for someone to visit your online store:- The customer is looking for information and stumbles onto your website (this person is not a customer at the beginning but s/he may become one if your e-presentation and product/ service are of high quality)- The person is actively seeking to purchase a particular product/ service and because of Persian Web Design’s good market strategy and web design, you become a prime choice for such a purchase

√ With 3 Million Iranian expatriates, we give you proper insight on how to maximize your marketing potential to such a big and growing market. More and more Iranians are becoming “wired” to the internet, especially the Youth.

√ A visitor will come to your website only when you inform them about your presence