Facebook Marketing

facebookmarketingDo you want to have a successful Facebook page for your business?

Besides Google Ads and Yahoo ads, Facebook with its vibrant variety of users and high number of active users can benefit your brand whether you are a start-up business or a well-known firm. Persian Web Design is an expert at using Facebook marketing utilities to introduce your brand to your target users easily. For the most part, Facebook has established itself as the place to connect and reconnect with friends and family.

While it is possible to have an ‘open’ profile that allows strangers to find you, Facebook users are looking for people and products they already know. Brand new connections are more likely made through referrals rather than on a whim or search by the user. Your challenge is to make your repeat customers and clients return to your page again and again and subsequently refer others to do the same.

You also don’t need to be a genius to use Facebook tools in your favor. You just need to know how to use Facebook Graph Search as a marketing tool and how it improves your marketing efforts by knowing more about your Facebook fans. We can also teach you how to perform focused searches using Facebook Graph Search for getting better and more accurate search results. Our team at Persian Web Design knows how to analyze and use Facebook tools to make your brand more reachable to users.

We can use Facebook to...

→ Identify your fans and learn more about their hobbies and interests

→ Identify members and employees of a business that likes you brand Facebook page.

→ Find out the interests of your rivals and their fans and discover potential partnerships for your business and brand

→ Improve the content and the quality of you Facebook contests

Persian Web Design can also easily find out valuable information for your business and implement features and create content on your pages to attract more target groups. We create ads for you and promote them to your potential users according to your business location and target users. Our Iranian customers should understand that we know the market well and know the Farsi language, therefore you can have two sources of information from Farsi and English. We dig into your fans and their public information to get the most valuable data for your business.

Below are some benefits you can expect...

→ Building more audiences by finding colleagues who haven’t been connected to your page yet, and friends who like your page.

→ Find good networks and links among Facebook groups to promote your business according to your location and your fans’ interests.

→ Help you get maximum value out of your existing fans by identifying their interests and the pages they like.

→ Finding new opportunities for your business, by identifying the valuable thriving markets and also by comparing your fan locations and interests.

→ Increase your business loyalty

→ Find your competitors, and provide you with solutions and ideas to compete to become the lead in the market

→ Creating great apps for your brand on your Facebook page, to increase the engagement of users more.

→ Find fans and businesses that can be your ambassadors and improve your brand and loyalty with their help.