Search Engine Optimization, SEO

seoSEO or Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies and processes to stimulate traffic from organic, natural, and free or editorial search results on search engines. The major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing have different algorithms to show search results and rank pages. In this process, payment is not involved. SEO helps to make sure that your website is reachable by users in a search engine and improves the chances that your website will be found on search engines. When a website is ranked higher than the others it gets more traffic from the search pages than the rest.

In the thriving market of Toronto, you can have a high ranked website assisted by professional help from the Persian Web Design team. We provide a great quality of service to Iranian businesses since we understand the needs of your users. We improve your website using SEO, backlink and content creation on your pages and we also keep your content updated, to target all the potential customers.

Persian web design can bring more traffic to your website through SEO and increase your rank on search engine results. Some of our techniques and strategies for organic SEO which helps your website obtain a natural rank on search engine results are listed below:

Keywords and keyword analysis


Link building

Writing content