Google Marketing

googlesearchOne of the most important and inexpensive marketing strategies is search engine marketing. Google is the #1 most popular search engine, which serves as a great place to market your brand. Search engines send spider robots to analyze the content of your website for indexing.

At this stage it is important not to trick Google by overusing keywords but to use enough keywords to leave abundant clues for Google to use them for indexing. Persian Web Design based in Toronto, Canada, is an expert in this matter and can help your business to create a high rank identity on the web.

You don’t need to be a genius to be able to do all of these for your own website but you need to know all the rules and regulations and you should be able to use all the elements in promoting a website.

The Process:

→ We write a complete title for each page of your website with the keywords to attract the target users that you want.

→ We write description as META Tag, which is one of the main sources for Google to bring traffic to your website and make you visible in the searches.

→ We include the keywords in both the header and the first paragraph of the body to be more reachable in Google search engine

→ For all the images we use ALT attribute to help your site be more reachable and give more keywords and clues to Google.

→ Hyperlinks are important to be created in a way to contain the focus keywords

→ If you have JavaScript or Flash in your website we provide the regular HTML as supplement links to JavaScripts and Flash to ensure the chain of hyperlinks exists.

→ Site Map is created by Persian Web Design to ensure that the clues are given to the Google search engine correctly.

→ We develop different pages focusing on each of your main target keywords and carefully tune all of these pages with SEO.

→ We add all details to be reachable by users who are searching for local businesses

→ Images, video, and audio on your website will be promoted through different media to have a chance of becoming viral and in case of being viral, they can bring lots of traffic to the website 

adwords-functionsBesides all of the strategies mentioned above, Persian Web Design can directly create ads for your business to be advertised among the Google searches to target your potential customers and help them reach your page directly. If you want to increase your traffic massively, you can promote it with offers like Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing such as Google’s Adwords the online advertising platform which is one of the best ways to increase the overall exposure of your business.

We build, manage and monitor advertising campaigns using relevant keywords for your products and services. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re charged only when someone clicks your ad, not when your ad appears. There are a variety of bidding options you can choose from. You decide how much or little you want to spend monthly, and you’ll never be charged more than that amount and there’s no minimum spending commitment.

We are professionals at working with the Google search engine and apps to promote your brand in the most effective and legal way. We understand the Iranian market in Toronto and we are able to promote Iranian businesses with a high rate of success, we are able to make you accessible by using our expertise in Google search marketing to give you a business advantage.

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