Search Engine Services

magnifying-glass-68207_640The importance of having a high rank on search engines is becoming important more and more to business owners. Search engines follow different algorithms to show results to users.Google as the pioneer on the web with Bing being second in line are showing different search results for the same term.

Understanding how the search engines work is important for any business that wants to develop in a related industry, otherwise it doesn’t matter how great your service is, your business is going to lose a great part of its customers who are trying to find you from the search results.

Knowing the market, customers, language, and the interests of potential customers are very important to improve the web content and optimizing the search engine. We fully understand the market in Toronto and we can help all Iranian businesses to get to their Iranian or non-Iranian target customers. We can help you with consultancy and help you with the optimizing of your website.

Persian web design’s experienced developers who know all these rules and will help your brand to get the most out of all these strategies. Considering all the instructions, we know more techniques to help your brand by implementing those in your web pages. We follow your website reach, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, to find the links to your website and the keywords that help you to be visible in search engines and use them in an intelligent way to improve your identity as well as your rank.

Did you know?

→ Keyword rich domain names may not be a good solution to increase your ranks in all the search tools like Bing, which means you don’t need to pay a lot to get the perfect domain, instead you can spend on other marketing strategies.

→ Google respect quality content and you can increase the rank of your website by spending time and money on it. Proofreading and avoiding poor grammar can increase your rank on search engines plus on the other hand, some search engines like Bing may punish keyword stuffing.

→ Social media connections appear in Google and Bing search engines, this means that you need to think about the social media ties more than before if you want to increase your rank.

→ Backlinks are one of the main strategies to stimulate more traffic on your website in almost all search engines