Web Hosting

webhostingTo help you with the consolidation of your IT services we provide web hosting to our clients at a very low rate. This also means that we will be working with a hosting environment that we are super familiar with and will be able to upload/install your website rapidly and effectively with all the modules performing at high peak.

Persian Web design provides any type of web services for you and your brand. Besides providing web consulting, design and development, Persian Web Design provides you and your business with a platform for web hosting. We accept this responsibility to provide better services for your brand in web.

Come to Persian Web Design and our experts in web hosting will take care of all your needs for your website and anything related to your company on the web. If you want to create a web domain, you need a web host to store your files on its servers; we can provide this service for you at the highest quality. We offer you hosting services with competitive prices and a high storage capacity.


There are many reasons to choose Persian Web Design group as your web hosting service...

→ We provide high performance shared servers for your domain even if other sites are eating up the system resources

→ We offer dedicated servers for your domain, provide virtual servers, and a good affordable package for any kind of customer

→ You can experience unlimited bandwidth by using our services and a great support team will give you service and support the servers

Persian Web Design should be your first choice if you are looking to invest in a web-hosting package. We can provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space, spam filters, powerful customer support, and many other features. We have provided hosting for many customers, we have created many blogs, apps and websites and we know how to do it. Contact Persian Web Design based in Toronto and we’ll offer you our recommended web hosting services. We also have support in Farsi for Iranian customers. We appreciate your visit to our website.